Meghan Bartels

Scorching alien planet takes seasons to an extreme

Scientists got a close look at an extreme case of seasons thanks to a retired NASA telescope. Researchers used NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope to film a year on an exoplanet called XO-3b. Conveniently, a year on this world lasts only three Earth days. Within that time, the exoplanet experiences a one-day-long summer and a two-day-long […]Read More

Supermassive black hole gobbled up a star in the 1980s,

Astronomers have found evidence of a black hole snacking on a star in data gathered back in the 1980s, according to new research. The researchers say that they have identified the signature of such an event in data gathered during the 1980s, thanks to a pair of high school interns from Massachusetts. When a star […]Read More

With COVID-19 on the rise again, ‘Super Bowl of astronomy’

As COVID-19 infection rates rise once again, the leaders of the American Astronomical Society (AAS) have canceled the major conference scheduled for early January, sometimes nicknamed the “Super Bowl of astronomy” by space fans. The Board of Trustees of the AAS voted to cancel the conference’s in-person events, which were scheduled to take place in […]Read More

Hurricane Delta approaches Gulf Coast landfall in year of major

Hurricane #Delta made its way past the Yucatan Peninsula and has now re-organized as a Category-3 hurricane in the #GulfofMexico this #FridayMorning, with wind speeds of 120 mph. While the eye is no longer visible on @NOAA’s #GOESEast, deep convection continues at its core. 9, 2020 Satellites are monitoring Hurricane Delta, now a Category […]Read More