James Hein

Tesla Pi gets my motor running

I admit it, I’m getting excited about the Tesla Pi phone due out this year. The rumours have been flying fast and furious but there are some seemingly solid predictions. The phone will have a specially designed CPU. It will have a nice screen just under the 7-inch mark, four cameras and be deliberately priced […]Read More

The new year will see incremental growth in IT sector

Here we are in a bright and shiny new year. Let’s see what this one might bring. – I’m going to start with Virtual Reality. Last year was slow and incremental until near the end. Facebook announced Meta and that seemed to enliven venture capitalists and current VR makers, and triggered a renewed vigour in […]Read More

Prediction hits and misses for 2021

It is time once again to look back at 2021 to see what happened and how my predictions panned out. – There were two major items influencing the IT world in 2021. One was the chip shortage and the other was of course Covid-19. My prediction about the need for a Covid passport for travel […]Read More